SI Update: Tall Ships, Bloc Party, Keaton Henson and more.

Away from, I’ve been up to quite a bit in my role as Live Editor at Sound Influx. We’ve had a steady build so far and its looking good for the future. Here’s what I’ve been covering since I abandoned this blog…

Live Reviews
An evening in Camden
Eyes on Film with Carl Barat, Live at the Proud Galleries
Keaton Henson Live at the Cinema Museum.
Kyla La Grange Live at Scala, Kings Cross

Album Reviews
Bloc Party – Four 
Icona Pop – Iconic

Tall Ships
Everything Touching Album Review
XOYO Live Review
One of the most promising acts in the country have finally released their debut album and I took up the campaign for SI. Their live show goes from strength to strength as their new material filters into the set. Everything’s good in Tall Ships world.

Spring Offensive
In Camden
Not Drowning But Waving
Somewhere between Gareth from the Office and Jack Steadman, you’ve got the lead singer of Spring Offensive. The band’s slow rise is testament to their continued strong output and hopefully it will continue.

That basically brings everything up to date from TGTF and SI. I’m happy with how things are going and there’s a heck of a lot more on the way.

Take care of each other


TGTF Catchup: The1975, Lucy Rose, Dog is Dead and more.

In the last post, I mentioned I’d been writing quite a bit even though I hadn’t been posting it to this blog. Here’s a little catchup for the work I’ve done for

Facedown EP
Sex EP
With a series of two quick releases under their belts, the1975 have been building up their own hype. I’ve been keeping up with it all for TGTF and whilst some of it is disappointing, there’s real promise in the Mancunian band. Click the links above for my words and listen to “You” below.

The Killers
Battleborn Album Review
TGTF Podcast
Shortly after reviewing their new record, I was asked to partake in a small debate about The Killers in which I sound quite ridiculous and suggest that music no longer needs them. Its all a very strange experience for me. Either way, you can get to either of them from the above links. Don’t expect me to be anywhere near as nice as I was when I suggested that a Killers show was my favourite ever.

Lucy Rose
Like I Used To Album Review
Lucy Rose is the one constant of 2012 for me. She’s been the only artist to genuinely live up to the huge amount of hype around them and not allow it to change them. As you may be able to tell, this quite a nice review.

Dog is Dead
All Our Favourite Stories Album Review
Bands to Watch
Festifeel Coverage
The Nottingham band are a TGTF staple by now. Dog is Dead have been covered for a long, long time there and I was lucky enough to be allowed to take up their coverage for the end product. I’m not sure I gave the review TGTF readers were expecting, but oh well. See the links above and listen to Teenage Daughter below. 

Kyla La Grange
Album Review
Festifeel Coverage
If Lucy Rose is the bright side of Laura Marling from before she turned a bit naff, Kyla La Grange is what would have happened if Marling had done a Bob Dylan and picked up an electric guitar for her darker material. Whilst her music wraps itself in moodiness, it still has an uplifting and rather haunting sound at times. Sadly, the record doesn’t fully explain all of this. Read the review above. More on La Grange to come in the SI update.

That’s pretty much that for now. I also saw White Rabbits, said Tall Ships have more power than TeamGB’s cyclists and suggested that Deap Vally could make a debut record better than the White Stripes‘ Get Behind Me Satan, but that’s all passing comment really.

Tomorrow, the Sound Influx update and a fantastic video from a band that split up almost two years ago!
Take care of each other

TodayInFireworks 14th June 2012

There’s a few things that have caught my attention in the last week that don’t really warrant a whole post to themselves or are kind of similar to other things I’ve posted of late, but they do deserve to be mentioned; here they are!

No sooner than I had posted my playlist of University Year 2 the other daty had The1975 finally launched the official audio for their single The City. They’re a favourite over at Hairy Mouth, be sure to check them and the HM out.

Kyla La Grange has announced that her debut album will finally be released on 30th July and will be called Ashes. It looks like the picture on the right and sounds like what happens when you click the picture.
The review of Festifeel which features a half hour set from Kyla will be online within the week and I hold out good hope for this record.

Crywank’s been busy. Having just completed a joint UK tour with his friends Feralus, he’s finally got himself a Bandcamp. This not only means that you can stream his (two free) albums, it means you can also download them and even give him a few quid if you like what you hear. If you remember, his debut James is Going to Die Soon made it into the Fireworks top albums of 2010 so I highly reccomend giving it a listen.

And finally, ISO50, already my favourite blog in the world, has had an upgrade of sort making it even nicer to visit and carouse. It’s the blog of designer and musician Scott Hansen who’s musical project Tycho is sublime and skills as a designer are equally as joyful. He’s joined by a team of other lovely and hugely talented folk to create one of the most interesting blogs around. Enjoy.

That should be all for now
Take care of each other