You Need: PIAS and Kitsuné Compilations

As you’ll know by now, the fires across London did a huge amount of damage to the city as mostly mindless violence and looting brought the city to its knees for two nights as well as disruptions two nights either side. Without getting back into my post two days ago on the matter, I’d like to move attention, as many sites have been doing to the recovery work. Unfortunately the Sony/PIAS Entertainments HQ was burnt to the ground.
PIAS are the leading distributor of music for independent labels (the list of affected labels is here) across the UK and Ireland and thus, many labels have had thousands of units of their stock completely wiped out. Times are tough for them at the moment without having ‘tw*ts’ burn down their music and face them with a huge challenge to stay afloat.

Whilst I’ve written a piece for tgtf about three albums from three labels that matter to me, I think I should really shine some light over to Kitsuné. A french based label, they’ve put together a series of the most incredible upbeat compilation releases over the last nine years, especially the Kitsuné Maison Compilations. Giving breaks and much needed publicity to artists such as Hot Chip, Metronomy, Delphic,  Bloc Party, Foals and Two Door Cinema Club to name just a few, these Maison Compilations have made anyone into anything from House to experimental rock music prick up their ears and move their feet, have some of the best nights of their lives and form memories that will stay with them much longer than the copies burnt in this week’s riots. I urge people to sit exactly where they are, and make a few clicks of their day, dedicated to improving your lives and those within earshot and buying the downloads of any track or complete album from the 11 brilliant records by clicking the corresponding images

. KITSUNÉ SHOP – Compilations

Wow, that took a while, but hopefully it looks nice and it’ll be worth it. These compilations are fantastic, if you haven’t listened  to them in any way before, you can listen to them through the links as well as buy them as downloads. Support the PIAS labels 🙂

Take care of each other