Year 2 of University: Passed

My second year at university has been over for a few weeks now, for longer if you don’t include the work experience month. As such, by the time this posts, I’ll be on a coach  from London’s worst station (Victoria. It’s only narrowly worse than KX) en route back to the grey hills of Yorkshire and Leeds/Harrogate.
To commemorate (did I really say commemorate?) this non-event, I’ve made a short playlist of tracks released in the last year (give or take a few months) that have soundtracked the last three terms at UCA. It’s missing The Streets, Brand New, Marvin Gaye, all of the Boat That Rocked soundtrack and anything from the end of the magazine project, but you get the idea. I’d post the reasoning behind everything, but it doesn’t really matter. Bonus points for spotting me in two of the videos.

Bombay Bicycle Club –How Do You Swallow So Much Sleep

Sigur RosVarúó

Lucy Rose Middle of the Bed

Ben HowardOnly Love

Los Campesinos! By Your Hand

Scroobius PipIntrodiction

Bon Iver Calgary

Johnny Foreigner – You Vs Everything

The 1975S e x (not in Spotify)

So that’s that for another year. Summer comes now in which I need to locate finance through a job and selling my posessions and after that comes a move into the landscape that is South London and the third year of Music Journalism at UCA.

Take care of each other


tgtf: Live: Ben Howard at Shepherds Bush – 23/02

If you recall, I had one of the most incredible nights seeing Ben Howard the other week. I was somehow allowed side of stage for half the show and spent the rest of it running around like a mad man trying to find nice angles. Here’s the final product of that, my review on ThereGoesTheFear.

Take care of each other

Daughter – His Young Heart EP

This isn’t a review. This isn’t a post about new music. This isn’t really a secret I’m unveiling either. It’s just a post about something that might have gone under people’s radars. Daughter are a kind of lovely breed of singer-songwriter meets a band in a more experimental method of folk. They’ve been supporting Ben Howard on tour for a while now which is how I came across them, so enjoy.

Take care of each other


2011 in Fireworks: The Best Videos

2011’s almost over, you want to go to a New Year’s do, have something entertaining whilst you get ready. You’ve earnt it you scamps!

Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Rammstein – Mein Land

Three Trapped Tigers – Reset (This one really has to be seen to be believed, regardless of whether you like the band. I mean, MATT BERRY)

Bon Iver – Holocene

Metronomy – The Bay

Well, that was easy. I’ll try add a few more to this, but I’m relatively happy.
See you in the new year folks.
Take care of each other~

Fireworks: Albums of 2011 (Part Two)

So after the mismatched albums of yesterday, there’s a moderate theme for this morning. One person and a guitar. Three brilliant british artists in today’s segment of the list, some more deserving than others.

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom
First up comes new boy Ben Howard with his debut, Every Kingdom. When you’ve written tracks as good as The Wolves and Old Pine, you have to be included in lists like this. The original ten-track record is absolutely gorgeous with a series of 4-5minute tracks enough to make every other singer songwriter feel incredibly boring and regardless of the whole “posh boys with guitars” stigma, it’s good to have such a fantastic musician have such prominence. That said, fuck the stupidly long version on Spotify. LIVE SESSION FEATURING THE ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS HERE

Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know
I’ll be honest, before this, I’d not given a huge amount of time to Marling. I knew she was a lovely singer songwriter and that I enjoyed little spells of listening to, but I didn’t realise exactly how lovely. Musically it’s possibly her strongest album to date, let down only by the persona created within. It’s difficult to relate to such a character, displaying more of Marling’s literary knowledge than lyrical depth. Still, who complains if someone’s well read? STREAM HERE

Frank Turner – England, Keep my Bones
See, I have an issue here. As one of my favourite artists, I feel compelled to include Frank Turner’s record in this list. It is however his weakest record to date. The redeeming point comes however in that even at his weakest (Rivers, English Curse, etc), there’s the likes of Eulogy. It’s one of the best album openers in a long time, by anyone and it’s followed throughout by the likes of Peggy Sang the Blues and If I Ever Stray. Even at his worst, Frank’s broken through and deserves the plaudit’s he’s now getting. STREAM HERE

Come back this evening for another trio of albums
Take care of each other