Radio: Eleven Eleven Until Eleven – Listen on Mixcloud

On Sunday evening’s I do a radio show on Mixlr. A few hours later, due to the magic of the internet and a bit of work, that show is on Mixcloud and available for everyone to listen to at their leisure at any time ever!
I’d embed it, but I’m not entirely sure how; so in the mean time, yesterday’s show features Foals, Brand New, Everything Everything, Japandroids, Yearbook, Johnny Foreigner, Crystal Castles, Annie Mac, Daughter, M83, Bloc Party and so much more. So please click HERE or on the image below to go ahead through to it. If you enjoy it, tweet me @bradenf to let me know

Take care of each other



Today in Fireworks: VETO – Everything is Amplified

Today I’m listening to a band I saw live by accident and over the last few days have slowly become hooked upon. That band is VETO.
A danish band with genius and  electronic thoughts going through their bloodstream, their latest album, Everything is Amplified was released back in February and somehow I managed to not hear it until seeing their incredible live show supporting Morning Parade last week.

Better still, you don’t just have to take my word for it. If you click the artwork you can stream it direct from the band’s website or watch the video for This is Not below.

awr: Maps of Columbus EP

Two Maps of Columbus posts in the space of one week?! It’s not favouritism I swear, it’s just how scheduling has ended up, plus, making that glittery Bramhill yesterday for Tramlines and tgtf was a load of fun.
Today’s post also comes with the fun news that I now contribute to as well, an up and coming rock blog/website with really big ambitions for a future community. Cheers to James for taking me on there.

My first post for awr is this quick post about the Maps of Columbus EP, Matriarchs, which is available for free download. Check it out by clicking the artwork to the right.

Take care of each other

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Raindance Maggie

This week has just been full of  big American bands coming out of the woodwork and putting out new material. Red Hot Chili Peppers, like Blink, are no stranger to the millenium and its eleven years. With Stadium Arcadium as one of the biggest albums of its kind, Kiedis and co have been sitting happy for the last few years. With the departure of John Frusciante, the enigmatic guitarist of the band confirmed last year as well as the announcement that new material was prepared, excitement and preperation for disappointment built in equal measure.
Delays have come plenty of times in recent times, but the West Coast funk-rockers have finally unleashed the chilled out track, The Adventures of Raindance Maggie.
As was the case with the Blink release yesterday, this track just sounds like a continuation from past material given the individuals in the group. Anthony Kiedis, Flea and dummer Chad Smith are joined by Josh Kilnghoffer (a founding member of Warpaint) to create I’m With You which is set to be released on August 30th.
Courtesy of KROQ, here’s the stream of the track.


Up All Blink(182)ing Night

After last summer’s reunion shows which was just a Greatest Hits show from a band still trying to find their feet again, Blink 182 have been busy in the studio recording a brand new album. The delays in its completion have led to much frustration amongst band and fans as this summer’s UK tour has been cancelled in favour of a co-headline tour with MCR across the US to premiere a few new ones and presumably continue the glory parade but we all knew that eventually, new music would sprout.

So tonight, as is so often the case for US bands releasing tracks worldwide, UK fans have been left waiting Up All Night to hear the pop-punk heroes latest effort. Up All Night was premiered on KROQ earlier this evening and will no doubt be circulating as a download within minutes, but for now, here’s a YouTube video

Surprised? It’s good! I didn’t have much hope for it given the time spent apart by the guys, especially with AvA and +44‘s seperations but they’ve come together again and made something that neatly follows on from where they left off. It’s nothing reminiscant of their first few albums, but it’s tidy, and I like it for that.

What’re your thoughts?

Take care of each other