Today in Fireworks: The Computers, Everything Everything, Stagecoach and Swiss Lips

Today, The Computers released their new video for Disco Sucks. Filmed mostly in Berlin it doesn’t really signal a big gap between their debut album and now, aside from the bluesy vocals that take less from Pulled Apart By Horses and more from Amy Winehouse in parts. Disco Sucks is slow, but still pretty great. Catch them on a free tour next week (info here)

Stagecoach have unveiled a new track from their forthcoming debut record which will be out in May. Threequel may not be a belter like Map to the Freezer, Jonah Lomu or We Got Tazers!, but its an indication that Stagecoach are more than ready to take the step up from second fiddle to being their own headliners on the big stage and, having heard some of the rest of the record live; I can confirm that they most certainly will do so.

Manchester indie-dance-pop outfit Swiss Lips are gearing up to make it a big year, and in honour or a man who had an incredibly large 2012; they’ve covered mr Frank Ocean‘s track, Lost. It sounds like, well, Swiss Lips. Forget what you know about this track. It’s also a FREE RUDDY DOWNLOAD!

And finally, I reviewed the new Everything Everything album Arc. I’m very upset that Sound Influx have dropped the decimal system, so when you read that number, know I wanted it to be a .5 or .6. Read the review by clicking the artwork to your right.

Take care of each other


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