Today in Fireworks: Ben Gibbard, Screaming Maldini, Embers and Death at Sea

Sunday evening should be bringing a radio show on Mixlr from me but as two deadlines loom from my university (I shouldn’t mention their incompitancy at departmental communication, nor my lack of productivity) it seems like a wise idea to skip two hours of radio with an hour of work on it either side.
To compensate, here’s a post full of top new music!

Before that though, I should probably mention that my friend and yours Hairy Mouth has posted some quality music from the Bronx, Sport and Run Forever this week and that’s filled my ears quite a bit.

Now; I reviewed the new Benjamin Gibbard album (HERE). I wouldn’t say I was upset at the result, more disappointed. Still, every cloud has a silver lining and at least the introductory track is enjoyable. Teardrop Windows, whilst predictable is an all right imitation of a third person track as well.

On brighter notes, the next two tracks have very quickly become two of my favourite tracks not released by the1975 or Tall Ships this year. The first is the newest single from Sheffield five piece Screaming Maldini. Its got the kind of sound to pick anyone up from a winter lull and the video’s not half bad either. This is Summer, Somewhere.

Thirdly comes a band hotly tipped by the 405’s new music section and rightly so. The atmospheric build up of this new Embers track is like few other pieces of music I’ve heard in a while. It’s ominous and powerful and all recorded live. Enjoy

Lastly, a track I’ve played a few times on the Mixlr. Taking from shoegaze with a modern twist, Death at Sea have been supporting HAIM on tour and this, their debut single is a standout. This is Drag.

Take care of each other


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