Radio and Photography: Mixlr and Clement Briend

Happy Monday everyone! Christ it’s cold these days, but no fear; you can stay inside for most of it right?
First thing’s first; last night’s radio show on Mixlr was the first of my broadcasts to include my voice. Aside from the odd glitch and crash here and there I’m really happy and hopefully I’ll be able to do a cleaner show each week (next Sunday however, is pre-emptively cancelled due to university work.)
Here’s the links!
99 Problems and a glitch is all of them

99 Problems and a glitch part Two!

I really hope you enjoy them, the tracklisting is huge and, I think, quite expansive so there’ll be something for everyone in there. You may notice the attatched images to the shows; this is the work of Clement Briend.
A french photographer, Briend caught my attention recently due to his work in nature adding faces and sculpture to trees and buildings. Upon further reading, I found a set that I’m hugely interested in that focusses around the french music festival Rock En Sienne. Taking a series of images from the festival and then projecting them across famous French architecture, Briend has created a set of stunning images. You can see the full set on his site HERE, but a few of my favourites are below.

Take care of each other


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