Today: Music Films – Arcade Fire & Noah and the Whale

Over the last decade, there’s been an increase in acts taking the series of singles from their albums and turning them into four-six part short films. Some acts go further; for example Bon Iver made a short film for each track on their self titled record (HERE) and some go frankly strange like the Maccabees did with their 8:20 short film for Given to the Wild which featured sparse backing tracks and minute snippets of well shot yet seemingly random clips of film (HERE).
Sometimes though, bands get it completely and perfectly right. If you discount the likes of Sigur RosHeima and Inni which are documentaries just as much as they are live recordings; the two that stick out for me from the last few years are Arcade Fire‘s Spike Jonze directed Scenes from the Suburbs and Noah and the Whale‘s First Days of Spring.
Conveniently, both are below for your enjoyment.

Arcade Fire – Scenes from the Suburbs

Noah and the Whale – The First Day OF Spring

What are your favourite album based films? You may remember the Beatles film links I posted earlier in the year; personally, A Hard Day’s Night is definitely up there for me.

Take care of each other


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