Hello again

I think its fair to say that when you neglect a blog for the best part of four months, its bound to suffer. There’s no good reason that this has happened. I’ve been writing and taking photographs; the kind of stuff that would usually fill this space. There’s been no shortage of new music and content for me to post about. I guess I’ve felt a little disarrayed with it all. There’s been an awful lot of blog coverage recently about the decline of the independent blog; something I’ve been aware of but attempting to deny for quite some time. Truth is, I was required by my university course to set up this blog. Twenty-odd new blogs added to the already over-saturated market was something that worried me and the barrage of coverage about their not being necessary got to me at times.

I got a lucky break with ThereGoesTheFear and I’ve been treated more than well there so far. By the end of the week you should be able to read an interview I did for them with the 1975, adding to interviews with The Subways (never made it to publishing), Young the Giant, Johnny Foreigner and Manchester Orchestra. They gave and continue to give me a great outlet for my opinions and work whilst giving me quite a lot of freedom in what I do.

Recently, I’ve been doing my best to up my game for Sound Influx also. Toby and Aurora who set up the site have been friends of mine for quite a long time and they were good enough to make me Live Editor of the site a few months back. I’ve still not got the hang of it, but I’m trying. Both of them are now at the same uni as me, which is a little strange, but I continue to use SI as a great way of publishing my work.
This of course, has led to the monotony of this blog’s updates and my lack of belief in it as a site led to the last few months silence. At this point though, I think I’m ready to just go for it regardless. The more I do, the busier I keep myself; the better I’ll become (in theory) and the more employable I will hopefully become. I’ve set up an online radio show that I’m going to attempt to do once a week so that’s another thing to post here.

The next week on this blog could look a bit messy. I’m working on it.



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