TGTF Catchup: Festifeel and Blur

Whilst I’ve hardly been the most prolific poster on this blog of late, don’t think that’s meant media silence from me. Not at all. The more active and less professional blog over on Tumblr has been lit up with images and musings whilst I’ve also simply neglected to mention two posts on
Firstly all the way back to the Jubilee weekend, I went to Festifeel in the Queen of Hoxton. It’s the reason I’ve now got a wristband that says “CHECK YOUR BOOBS!”  on it (much to the displeasure of my mother) and its also happens to have coinsided with a time I had no camera to use so a nice man named Paul let me use two of his as well as me reverting to Instagram (I’m not proud) to nestle some photos in with my writing. Click HERE or on Newton Faulkner to see what I had to say about the day-festival.

Secondly, you might remember that last week Blur debuted two new tracks to the world-wide-web. I wrote about them for ThereGoesTheFear and Mary (the editor) very kindly said it’s a “thoughtful piece”. High praise which I’m grateful for. Click HERE or on Damon to see those words and hear those songs.

There’s two brand new reviews of two brand new albums coming in the next 24 hours so keep peeled for them. In the mean time, I’m going to locate my wellies because its back to the fields for 2000Trees this weekend. How I’ve missed the English summer and my stupid Ministry of Sound tent.


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