Today in Fireworks: Society, Regal Safari and Solar Bears

Happy July everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoon and looking forward to the Euro final. Personally I’m hoping for an Italy win but Spain do play some darn good looking football so really, football’s the winner (although I wish Blatter would lose, somehow)

Anyway, music! First up’s a new track from mysterious band Societe or Society as different reports tell. There’s very little information about this band right now, not even the Guardian could source much; as such, enjoy the music!

Second on today’s agenda is something quite a bit older, but something I think I need to share given that I’m almost certainly going to be tracking this duo in the future. It’s last year’s Regal Safari EP/Demo R G L S F R and it’s streaming through their soundcloud.


Thirdly, there’s a really lovely Mixtape by Solar Bears up on DailyBeatz that’s been my soundtrack this afternoon. I highly reccomend giving it a bit of your time by clicking the artwork below. The track listing is as follows…

Regal SafariUntitled
Tangerine DreamCharly The Kid
HarmoniaNotre Dame
Jean Claude VannierLes Gardes Volent Au Secours Du Roi
Brian Eno and Harold BuddNot Yet Remembered
George DelerueL’important C’est D’aimer
The Electric PrunesHoly Are You
Death in VegasXXX


Take care of each other



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