TodayInFireworks 14th June 2012

There’s a few things that have caught my attention in the last week that don’t really warrant a whole post to themselves or are kind of similar to other things I’ve posted of late, but they do deserve to be mentioned; here they are!

No sooner than I had posted my playlist of University Year 2 the other daty had The1975 finally launched the official audio for their single The City. They’re a favourite over at Hairy Mouth, be sure to check them and the HM out.

Kyla La Grange has announced that her debut album will finally be released on 30th July and will be called Ashes. It looks like the picture on the right and sounds like what happens when you click the picture.
The review of Festifeel which features a half hour set from Kyla will be online within the week and I hold out good hope for this record.

Crywank’s been busy. Having just completed a joint UK tour with his friends Feralus, he’s finally got himself a Bandcamp. This not only means that you can stream his (two free) albums, it means you can also download them and even give him a few quid if you like what you hear. If you remember, his debut James is Going to Die Soon made it into the Fireworks top albums of 2010 so I highly reccomend giving it a listen.

And finally, ISO50, already my favourite blog in the world, has had an upgrade of sort making it even nicer to visit and carouse. It’s the blog of designer and musician Scott Hansen who’s musical project Tycho is sublime and skills as a designer are equally as joyful. He’s joined by a team of other lovely and hugely talented folk to create one of the most interesting blogs around. Enjoy.

That should be all for now
Take care of each other


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