Something Grown-Ups Do #1: Photography Portfolio

All apologies come first. This blog hasn’t exactly been the busiest or most interesting feed of music as I hope to bring, but frankly, I’ve not been doing a huge amount of outside work aside from interning at Toast Press in Brixton and (sporadically) at Mudhut down by Brighton. I’ve darted from Live at Leeds to London to The Great Escape in Brighton and my body’s only just caught up with me a week down the line. Increased posting will start again this week, I hope.

In the mean time however, exciting news. I have put together one of those photography portfolios that proper journo’s and photographers have. This is in the hope of potentially opening a few more doors and we’ll see if a writing portfolio musters itself up in the following months. I’d love to have clippings, but alas, the web has some shortcomings. For now though, here it is. Take a look if you like, feedback will be much appreciated.

My Short Music Photography Portfolio as of May 2012

Take care of eachother


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