Fireworks: Plug.Dj

If you know me or follow me across any of the ridiculous amount of online platforms I seem. to. use. then you’ll know what I’ve been up to for the latter half of this week. As well as writing more this week than I’ve ever written in a week my whole life, I’ve also been glued across tabs to Plug.Dj.

Mixing the concept of an online radio station with a social plaform, Plug.Dj sees you build a playlist much like you would a record collection of music for you to play when you hit the Dj Booth. Joining a queue of up to five people, you play your track and in a similar method to the way people will cheer or shout at you, those in the room can choose to WOOT or MEH your track. This in turn gains you reputation points and the more points you get, in theory, the better you are, allowing you to have a different avatar. Of course, if like me, you become addicted to the site and spend marathon amounts of time playing it, you’ll end up with a large amount of points simply through persistence.
 Because I’m a shameless plugger, clicking the image below takes you to the room I created. It’s not going right now but I expect it will be at some point this evening at . Of course it would be an oversight not to mention some other rooms I’ve enjoyed. There’s of course the lovely folk at Sound Influx and the brilliant folk at both ISO50 – and The 405
So set up a profile with your Facebook or Twitter, it won’t post anything unless you tell it to and it can only end well.

Take care of each other and have a happy Easter (you know, if that’s what you believe. If you don’t, just be glad that (most of you) live in western countries in which Easter grants you a holiday period.)


One thought on “Fireworks: Plug.Dj

  1. Great work on the article! Plug.DJ is one of the many sites I visit daily, too. Although something huge to talk about is how Plug allows anyone around to globe to connect, unlike some of its competitors.

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