TodayInFireworks: Brits Vids (Blur – Tender/This Is A Low), Rihanna – We Found Love)

So another year at the Brits is done and whilst I may not agree with all of the awards, you have to congratulate Adele and Ed for fantastic nights whilst Foo Fighters and Blur were also lovely winners. Damon Albarn‘s acceptance speech may have been lacklustre and too long, but Blur’s show was neither of those things.
Timing caused havoc at the end of the evening as Adele’s set was cut short and Blur’s ITV performances were also, but  two video highlights I couldn’t neglect are here.

Fistly, Blur played Tender and This is a Low, personal favourites of mine. They didn’t make ITV1 so it’s here!

Secondly, you have to appreciate decent pop when it’s released and performed well. Rihanna and Calvin HarrisWe Found Love is one such track and to see Rihanna perform so well (even with a backing track shhhh) was a pleasant surprise. Credit to her. As one tweet said “Rihanna in a box, it’s like a sexy Deal or No Deal”

Enjoy and take care of each other


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