SI: Writers’ Favourite Lyrics

Hello all. As you may know, the lovely folk at Sound Influx made me their Live Editor for some obsurd reason. Not that I don’t still write and contribute and as such, something for me to contribute to came about (HERE). The writers wrote about their favourite lyrics and such. Well, I’ll let the intro do the talking and then you can go see what everyone had to say. My picks are in there too.

For this first edition of ‘Writers Picks’, the writers were asked the simple question of ‘What are your favourite lyrics?’. For any music fan, this is a gargantuan task, to leaf through all their most loved tracks and find just 1 or 2 lyrics that resonate more emotionally and personally than any other. So it is after great pain-staking decision making that we present to you, the writers of Sound Influx’s favourite lyrics of all time.

Sounds good right? CLICK HERE AND SUCH


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