Fireworks in 2012: Part One

So we’re a whole week into 2012. No doubt many of us have reached for the bottle, fag packet or chips we promised ourselves not to have already, but fear not. Whilst you’re indulging yourselves, you can listen to a shed load of new music.
Whilst the NME have made excellent use of Soundcloud to form this and the BBC have made bad use of their ears and made this, I’ll be doing a series of small pieces for ThereGoesTheFear and bringing even more to this blog, all kicking off with this.

First up, comes the delightful Lucy Rose. No stranger to this blog over the last few months, she’s been tragically neglected from many of 2012’s lists. Having teamed up with Bombay Bicycle Club last year and slowly put out a selection of music, Rose will (hopefully) be using 2012 to capitalise on these and her recent buzz to create a record. I’m  hoping for something towards the end of the summer personally. She really is such a wonderfully talented singer-songwriter.  Here’s Middle of the Bed

Secondly, and another part of the Bombay Bicycle Club hype wave from the back of A Different Kind of Fix are Dog Is Dead. Think a bit Rumble Strips (RIP), a bit Maccabees and a bit harmonius and you’re not too far off from the Nottingham group. After self releasing a trilogy of singles, playing a whole load of festivals with BBC Introducing and even playing out the most recent series of Skins, the newest chapter of their story’s about to unfold, pay attention. Here’s Young.

Thirdly and finally for this part are Sissy and the Blisters. A band once a bit too edgy for most ears, they’ve toned down the insanity but in no way lost their insanity live nor their egde over so many bands doing similar things. Think of the Vaccines, but more talented, with a dapper, insane frontman and an organist. Actually, don’t think of the Vaccines, even if they were on this list last year. Think the music Vince Noir would make if he were real and a bit less electronic. They are the others, this is Let Her Go.

Up and coming posts for ThereGoesTheFear for 2012 will hopefully include: Bear Driver, Liam Bailey and a few others. A few new things up and coming too.
Take care of each other


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