Christmas in Fireworks #1: The Xcerts, Lucy Rose and The Kills

The first installment of what might be up to four (oooh) Christmas themed posts brings THREE FREE DOWNLOADS. You lucky festive things. As the title of this post suggests, the three downloads are from The Kills, The Xcerts and Lucy Rose.

First up are Scottish rockers, The Xcerts. After a tiring year and with another one up ahead, this is a relaxing wind down towards the holidays with a cover of White Christmas. It’s slow, it’s lovely. Strange for them I guess. It’s available for free download for liking their Facebook page so what are you waiting for? Click HERE

Second up is the delightfully talented 
Lucy Rose. Her cover of Driving Home For Christmas has been available for a week already and is now only available via 6Music for another 15 hours! So hurry up and click this link to go to there!!!

Last but not least comes Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. The Kills have messed up the lyrics to Silent Night and created a really lovely sparse track. It’s available for free download via 6Music HERE!

I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday so far
Take care of each other


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