Fireworks: Albums of 2011: #4 Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Dear Everybody That Has Paid to See My Band, it’s still confusing, we’ll never understand” sings Andy Hull in Deer, the opening track of Simple Math, Manchester Orchestra’s third record to date (review here). The Atlantan’s are possibly the most underrated and overlooked rock band of the last five years. Having mixed the anthemic rock sound of Tennesee, the edgy New York vibe and that bliss-drenched California noise whilst not sacrificing poetic lyrics or genuine integrity (whilst signed to Columbia), you’d think people would have taken more notice.

I mean, on the back of this record they were the support for Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance on a hefty part of their co-headline US tour, and they did sell out KOKO in London (review herephotos), but you mention them to anyone that’s not a dedicated rock/alt fan and they’ll ask you why you listen to an Orchestra from Manchester.  So here’s a gentle nudge in the right direction. Listen to this album, listen to April Fool, Mighty and Simple Math. Listen back through the whole of the previous two records. Listen to the raw emotion and lyrical brilliance of Andy Hull. Then come back to me and explain how this band aren’t two stops up the Northern Line rocking out Roundhouse like the band they’re constantly banded in with, Brand New?
“What if you believed me, everything is brilliant”

Listen to the whole thing here

Oh, and I interviewed them a few months back in Camden. That’s here
The other interview I did with them back in October didn’t go so well so never saw the light of a page

More tomorrow
Take care of each other


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