Fireworks: Albums of 2011 #3 Johnny Foreigner – Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

Quite simply, this album is a return to the incredible form that Johnny Foreigner are capable of. In parts it’s loud, in your face and toned to perfection. In others it’s delicate, lyrically adept and capable of adult angst. I reviewed it for ThereGoesTheFear when it came out and quite frankly, it’s only matured well since then. It sits so comfortably in with other material and is just as full of everything that makes a JoFo live (and here, and here, photos)set so enjoyable as the likes of Our Bipolar Friends and the indie hit that is Salt, Peppa and Spinderella. 

Some things about this album shoot for the mainstream and radio play, some keep the niche that JoFo build so well. Regardless of its intention, it demands to be listened to, but in the polite and unassuming way that the Birmingham band do until you press play on opener If I’m The Most Famous Boy You’ve Fucked…   200x made the Q50 list at #15 and is one of the most honest and well crafted of their tracks to date and the likes of Supermorning show just how far the group have come in the last few years. It’s a fantastic introduction to what the band are about as well as being their most consistent to date and it completely deserves a space in the top 3!


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