Fireworks: EPs of 2011

You don’t have to make albums or release a single or two to be appreciated in the world of music, so here’s to the EP. Here’s four of my favourites from the year. Feel free to let me know about more, I kind of like them for travel and such.

Alex Turner – Submarine
When front men of bands go solo, it’s usually awful. Take Brandon Flowers’ solo album for an example. Luckily for Alex Turner, he was being commissioned by none other than Richard Ayoade to create a soundtrack for his incredible film Submarine“I’m not the kind of fool who’s gonna sit and sing to you about stars girl” he begins in his velvetine voice that’s been so lacklustre in recent Arctic’s tracks. These serene tracks show that Turner’s lyrical depth isn’t gone, just hiding. Stuck on Puzzle and the version of Piledriver Waltz that features here almost make me want Turner to do this more often.

General Fiasco – Waves
One of the most promising bands to break through in recent memory are General Fiasco. A product of both BBC Introducing, lots of hard work and generally catchy, relatable songs made their name recognisable to any indie/pop-punk crossover fans and with Waves comes the relief that it wasn’t all a flash in the pan. The Age You Start Losing Friends and German Roads suggest these are ‘tour tracks’, but for once, that doesn’t make them any worse.
Stream the whole thing from here 

Stagecoach – Crash My Ride
There’s not a lot that can be said for Stagecoach as words, rather than sentences come to mind. Energetic, ambitious, infectious, fun and loud. How’s that? Rather than me explain, just listen to this EP!
Which of course I can’t find to stream unless you’re a SPOTIFY user. Visit their Soundcloud though.


Young Empires – Unknown Title
Whilst not technically released, Toronto fashionista-electro-indie types Young Empires, in their mystique have been giving cd’s away at their shows. This four track EP features Glory of the Night, Against the Wall, White Doves (below, more downbeat than the others) and Rain of Gold, of which, the third is probably best. It’s simply stunning and with their debut album out next month, a definite one to watch.

In another world, I’d put those EPs that are like two tracks with some remixes, but that;s just not going to happen because they’re just glorified 7”s.

A few normal posts tomorrow I think, then the top 5 begins!
Take care of each other


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