Fireworks: Albums of 2011 (Part Seven)

Two parts of an American invasion and an American drummer make up this evening’s  trio of albums.

Yuck – Yuck
Formed in London out of the ashes of Cajun Dance Party, whilst sounding little like them, Yuck take a grunge sound and make it happy. One of this year’s best feelgood acts, Yuck have put together a selection of tracks that all sound good both together and as standalone tracks, especially as you go from the likes of Georgia to the downbeat sound of Suck, as if going from sun drenched field to moonlit campfires in the space of a few seconds. That festival Monday morning though is album closer Rubber, mud drenched, giving in, yet somehow still happy. STREAM HERE

Foster the People – Torches
Okay, I confess, I jumped the gun. I spent about two months, one either side of this album’s release stating that Torches was the best album of the year. If we lived in a hotter country, it might be, but as soon as Autumn came, this album started to age. We’ve all heard Pumped up Kicks a billion times, but I maintain that it’s still fantastic and the likes of Houdini and Call it What You Want (strangely, one of the most lrycially relevant tracks of the year) still sound fresh if you’re still up for a little dance. It could have been the best, as it is, it’s just top 20. STREAM HERE

Grouplove – Never Trust A Happy Song
This one took a long time coming and by the time it did, no one cared, which is beyond tragic. Simple four chord sun soaked indie rock that even rivals their fantastic eponymous EP. Grouplove seem tragically doomed to live in the shadow of others, yet put them on a stage and they’ll demonstrate why they’re one of the most exciting bands to emerge this year.  You’ll know Colours, now listen to the rest. STREAM HERE

And that’s another six for the day. I dropped two streams, but that couldn’t be helped. I’ve had a pretty good run up to now though right? It all gets serious tomorrow!
Take care of each other


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