Fireworks: Albums of 2011 (Part Six)

One album in this morning’s post simply does not fit. It’s not difficult to spot it really, but it still belongs somewhere on the list, kind of.

Black Keys – El Camino
Okay, so it’s not technically out yet, but having listened to it a few times now, I can safely say that it’s the shit. The Black Keys seem to have attained this level of quality that they’re managing to uphold  time and time again. Brothers saw them break through to everyone’s ears and El Camino will surely see them break a few big stages. With three nights at Alexandra Palace, expect to see them topping the bill somewhere (please be Latitude or Green Man). Right from the start of Lonely Boy it’s a rollercoaster, but don’t expect a return to pre-Brothers sound.
Streams keep dying, but for now, signing up online gets you a five-track preview.

Drive – OST
(hint: this is the odd one out) Whilst not technically an album that should feature, the soundtrack to Drive is better than most of what’s been out all year. College featuring Electric Youth’s A Real Hero is the heartbeat of the whole spectacular film and the waves of sound that make up the rest of the album really demonstrate how simplicity is somehow the best way. STREAM HERE

Kill it Kid – Feet Fall Heavy
As far as quiet breakthrough’s go, Kill it Kid definitely set the benchmark. Ironically, they’re one of the brashest new bands around with their White Stripes meets Screaming Jay Hawkins. It’s a departure from their more rock themed self-titled debut, but it certainly maintains that bluesy rock feel that Jack White’s resparked. Streams dead 😦 SOUNDCLOUD

Come back this evening for three more.
Take care of each other


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