Fireworks: Albums of 2011 (Part Five)

This evening’s got a more rock feel to it from both new and old. Three more albums and three more streams.

Twin Atlantic – Free
Whilst this is their debut album proper, Vivarium was sort of their debut really. The mini album set the Scottish rockers in motion to be in a strong position when making Free. Aside from the fantastic artwork, Free is full of alternative tracks with mainstream appeal from opener Edit Me through title track Free the band have all the makings of the next big thing. The comparisons to Biffy are cheap, but still there and some of these tracks wouldn’t sound amiss in the likes of Wembley Arena. STREAM HERE

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
It feels a long time ago since this album came out, but with a schedule that moves as fast as Dave Grohl’s it kind of is. Wasting Light, unlike many albums this year, has aged strongly as the killer hooks in Rope, the mad genius of White Limo and simple reminiscence of Walk fit seamlessly with the My Hero’s, Learn to Fly’s and Everlong’s. Not bad at all for a garage band. STREAM HERE

The Computers – This is the Computers

“Where do I fit in where do I fit in?” scream the Computers to open this, their debut album. After the manicism of EP You Can’t Hide From The Computers, this carries on the good work, even if it did take a long time to get finished. Eleven two minute power tracks that rival new tour buddies Pulled Apart By Horses, have threatened to topple the acts they’ve supported through the year. The Computers exude energy and carry the spirit of rock in true 12 bar fashion. STREAM HERE

So that’s that for another day. Come back tomorrow for six more.
Take care of each other


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