Fireworks: Albums of 2011 (Part Four)

The last post featured a series of electronic artists. This morning’s three more hip-hop oriented.

Scroobius Pip – Distraction Pieces
Stepping away from his work with Dan le Sac, Pip decided to do his own album that touches on material often too dark for his collaborative work. All of it’s kind of dark and glum, but the likes of Domestic Silence kind of takes that to new levels. Even the singles Let ‘Em Come (probably the strongest track on the album) and The Struggle (“my name is Johnny Depp and I kill people“) don’t exactly bring a smile to the face, aside from to the simple quality that Pip and his collaborators (including Travis Barker on drums in parts) bring to the record. STREAM HERE

The Streets – Computers and Blues
Farewell The Streets. This, the Streets last album is one of a delayed goodbye. Mixing the Streets of old in Those That Don’t Know (Smoking, flip flops and shorts and a catchy chorus) and new in Trying to Kill M.E (“the thing I love the most is trying to kill me”) all brilliantly produced and sheened off whilst keeping the raw Mike Skinner words that made the Streets the well respected group they were. With Lock the Locks it’s over. OMG STREAM HERE

Ghostpoet – Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam
Mercury prize nominated (and favourite by me for TGTF) Ghostpoet went from playing tiny venues to selling out Scala this year. Releasing his debut EP The Sound of Strangers 18 months ago and touring relentlessly ever since, Ghost’s deserved all the accolade’s that have come his way. Picking out a weak track from Peanut Butter Blues… is almost as difficult as picking out the best, but the instantly relateable Cash and Carry Me Home and Survive It talk directly to the listener’s life, making it easy to let him in. Watch this man next year, I can’t see his rise slowing any time soon. STREAM HERE

Half way through the batch posts now, come back this evening for the next instalment.
Take care of each other


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