Why I simply don’t care about Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, if you haven’t already heard of her, is a new kind of pop star, supposedly. The darling of the blogosphere for the last month or so, her debut album, Born to Die is set to launch in January (23rd to be precise) and will feature, amongst others, her hit single Video Games. In all honesty though, amidst all the hype and adoration, I really don’t care.

Over the last month or so, Video Games has sold thousands of copies/mp3s, been covered by everyone from Bombay Bicycle Club to Kasabian and even earnt Lana an appearance on Jools Holland (below). Its easy-to-adapt, easy-to-relate to narrative of an alternate timeline where we’re all characters in some American Dream romance in which her “bestest” boy (seriously? People still say that?) presumably juggles playing Call of Duty with being the chisled “bad girl” loving stud we’re supposedly presented with. Pair that with Blue Jeans, the loved up dull, as dishwater Nelly Furtado b-side with WeHeartIt ejaculate video to go alongside and you’ve got a recipe for fake success.

At her shows she appears to come across as both a shy girl thrown into fame and a well rounded star at the same time. This presents her like an over-sexualised Dorothy in some Wizard of Oz scenario in which her songs have heart. Scanning across what’s available on YouTube, I’m yet to find anything of true substance to suggest that Del Rey has staying power, but who needs staying power when you’ve got a major record contract? (Interscope).
Still, she’s a talented singer making the most of a good situation, and I can’t put someone down for that, even if her songs are monotonous and her image is built up of clichéd garbage.

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6 thoughts on “Why I simply don’t care about Lana Del Rey

  1. Well, let’s look at how we can gauge her staying power:

    It’s easy to predict that she’s not going to have tremendous mainstream success for reasons you cited: her music is somewhat monotonous and downtempo – that’s part of its charm.

    I think she would be better judged along the lines of Cat Power or Mazzy Star. Her music resembles that, and it clearly appeals to a niche. If Del Rey can convince people that she’s genuinely deep and sensitive (or “shy” as you put it), then the stands a good chance of succeeding. Her compositions thus far have been very good. She is more traditionally “attractive” than Chan Marshall of Cat Power or Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. A good “success” scenario for Del Rey would be landing one or two hits in the top 40, while consistently making quality, brooding albums. Mazzy Star had one top 40 song, Cat Power hasn’t had any. But Cat Power got her last album to number 12 on the album charts. I think Del Rey has that potential as long as the music remains good.

  2. I saw a video for Video games i believe on mtv. Now i rarely watch MTV but i find a bit funny that now all these so call “independent artists” have their music spread in world’s biggest music channel -this perception might be wrong, but in Latin america, MTV has a huge audience-.
    I also saw heard the sog she sang at Jools and i still can’t find her attractive. I normally hate artists or bands who have such huge hype around them, but this one really isn’t catchy at all. Some, like you, may say she has a talent, but i can tell 4 more girls who can do it better than her and without the need to look like one of those mini barbies they sell on stores.
    I think pop music is amazing but the problem i have with pop is that urge to be repetitive and always sell you the same grotesque idea of beauty and not so much talent. I really don’t care about Lana del Rey and i’ll do what i always do with those female singers (like Lady Gaga or Britney who, to my surprise, is still singing and i found she was after i saw a video of her that looked more like a porn movie rather than an actual music video) which is simply ignore them.

  3. Hi thanks for the heads up on twitter – it’s one way to almost guarantee a comment from me 🙂

    Pop music will always consist of people who like what an artist does and those who don’t. I’m (so far) on the love side, you’re not. That’s fine – the world would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

    There’s lots of things we probably all don’t care about, but although you don’t care about Lana you’ve chosen to write about her all the same. I guess it’s because of the huge internet coverage she’s had, everyone has a standpoint or a view and as a writer you feel compelled to put your view out there? Which is of course fine, but in a way it (possibly) suggests you care to a certain point, or at least you care that you have a viewpoint on her, even if not for her music or her as an artist. Otherwise why not write about every other single artist that you don’t care for ?

    Maybe the blog would have been better titled ‘Why I don’t like Lana Del Rey?’

    Anyway, keep up the good work 🙂 as I said before, the world would be boring if we all thought the same.

    • Touché sir, probably would have been a better title yeah.
      I’m glad that there’s actually someone to cause debate around, but yeah, I’m not a fan.
      Cheers for the comment dude 🙂

  4. I have never heard of her. Having listened to this video, however, her voice sounds stupid. And why are her lips so pouty? And what’s with those stupid earrings. Ugh. This is why I don’t go near popular music.

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