Video: Pulp at Reading Festival ’11 – Full

So it’s that time of year when everyone starts compiling lists about what was good and bad in the last 12 months and what might be in the coming year of 2012. As far as they go, I’ll be getting to that soon enough, but right now it’s time to look back on a specific highlight. At the beginning of the year, the mighty PULP reformed, but no one really understood how that would escalate. In the aftermath of the Blur reformation, PULP didn’t seem to have the hits to compete. A few months later and everyone had refamiliarised themselves with the material in time for summer. Wireless proved triumphant as did a string of European dates, so come the end of August, only one major date awaited. Here’s the show from Reading Festival 2011 in full and whilst it may not be the show at Leeds I saw as the band headlined in complete form, but it’s still Jarvis Cocker and company’s 80minutes in their yellow poster triumph. “Do you remember the first time?” asks Cocker. I remember my first Pulp show, at Leeds 2011. Meeting him in April was an especial highlight of the year also.


Enjoy and take care of each other


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