UNI: Denmark Street – Suit Up, Rock On?

Nearing the end of my university pieces now and here’s a piece I did about the iconic Denmark Street. Home to some of my favourite musical instrument stores, it can often be hard to get your hands on the good stuff to test out, so here’s a little piece about blagging it.

Suit Up, Rock On?

If you ever wonder how much you’re worth to society on any one given day and you have any discernable musical talent pop up to Denmark Street and ask to test out a variety of differently priced guitars.

Wearing a suit at about five in the afternoon with your hair in shape and face looking a mix of stressed and enthusiastic might make you look out of place in such casual surroundings, but you’ll get your hands on something expensive if you can moderately talk the talk. Better still, claim it’s a present for a friend who “can’t really afford as much as you can give” and you might even touch something made in the seventies.
Of course, and I’m not proud of this, if you’re hungover and mess up your lines, you’ll end up testing something that doesn’t play much better than the battered shoes on your feet, but don’t let that put you off.


Take care of each other


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