UNI: Evidently London Town

So this piece was meant to be about a pub, but in honesty, I didn’t go and reviews all suggested it was a bit of a shit hole full of hip young adults. Not exactly for me, but I wrote a piece that basically rips off John Cooper Clarke‘s Evidently Chicken Town and turns it into East London. I don’t rate it amongst my best work, but it might be worth sharing? Anyway, uni part 6.

Evidently London Town

I'm really sorry John. Nice outfit by the way, looking good.

This fucking pub’s so fucking dull
the fucking place is  fucking full
of fucking hipsters and wearing ties
with fake fucking glasses round their eyes
a fucking lad made a fucking fuss
missed his stupid fucking bus
you’re better off at fucking home
“it’s fucking cleaner”, so she moans
keep the fucking racket down
this is fucking London town

the fucking tube is fucking late
two fucking minutes you fucking wait
you’re fucking lost not fucking found
trapped in fucking london town

the fucking burger’s fucking old
this fucking décor’s fucking bold
my fucking beer is fucking flat
I fucking stole a fucking cat
fucking doorman say’s I’m gone
this fucking day’s been fucking long
the fucking pigs pin me down
got kicked out of London town



Take care of each other, all apologies Mr Cooper Clarke.

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