UNI: Gig Review – Tubelord at the Garage – The Space Inbetween

Part five of my ongoing writing project for university took me to a “gig of my choice” and I just so happened to be going to see Tubelord at The Garage in north London with Gary@NoiseOnTrial so I decided to do a piece on that. The gig was good. Enthusiastic crowd, energetic band, nice mix of old and new tracks, but it was the gap before the encore that was possibly the most fun. I decided to write about that…

They're bigger than Memphis, apparently


The Space Inbetween

After an hour of enthusiastic dancing and singing from those present, tonight’s act participates in the gigging protocol of going off for a hundred seconds before returning to the stage.
Of course within seconds, people get restless and mischievous. At the back, the borderline alcoholics fly bar-wards for a last shot at venue-inflated cost whilst in the middle, most reflect with mundane weather chat of concert small talk. “what do you think?” is heard in shouted whispers.
It’s the front rows that are having the fun though. Standing almost on the stage means they can play synth and guitar and even mock-up tracks whilst giggling with glee.  Of course the mischief must end soon as a rehydrated group of sweaty men restart their show for one final fling. Just when someone figured out how to play Chopsticks too!


Feedback is of course welcomed. Cheers guys
Take care of each other




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