UNI: ICA – You’ve Got Red On You

Part four of my ongoing writing project at university took me to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, which I found to be one of the most boring art galleries I’d ever been to, until I started breaking the rules, but I decided against writing about that. Here’s a piece about the most interesting part of the ICA, the shop.

Matching earings, bellend?

You’ve Got Red On You

In the gift shop of the Institute of the Contemporary Arts you can find a series of really stupid ideas. One such artefact was a necklace with eight biro pen lids threaded onto it. Yours for just £31.
I stared at it, attempting to justify the price tag. I counted the red pen lids. I asked a fashionable friend’s opinions. I made the woman in overseeing the crock of junk give me a rather disapproving look and was moved on.
Now let’s assume the chain’s worth more than the lids. Valuing it at £10, each lid then cost over £2.60! I did what any sane human being would do next. I went to Poundland, bought a pack of black biros (they only had black) and a small faux-gold chain. I then married the two together. Half an hour and £2 later, I felt like a prat, but then again, red is in this year.



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