UNI: Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

Part three of my ongoing writing pieces for university is about fish with super powers. In the struggle for originality, I may have lost my mind. I just hope this makes a little sense.

Super Bass

Super Mermaid?

Imagine if a fish could be a super hero.  A Caped Cod, a Terrific Tuna, a Magnificent Mackerel. The list goes on. Luckily, rap sensation Nicki Minaj has already thought of such a situation and even penned a theme tune for one such fearless fish. His name? Simple, Super Bass.
Whilst Minaj doesn’t specify the breed, I like to think this makes him a fish of the people, not tied to any landmass or sea. She sings very highly of her seafaring superhero though.
“Boy you got my heartbeat running away” (Think MJ or Lois Lane) “Beating like a drum and it’s running away” (Of course suggesting the strong heartbeat of the Bass and how his enemies flee from him). “Can’t you hear that boom baboom boom Bass, got that Super Bass” (Catchy little theme, not too dissimilar from the popular nananananananana BATMAN!)
Coming to your local… What? Oh, maybe not then.


In other news, Los Campesinos!’ new album Hello Sadness is out today (Banquet) as is 65DaysOfStatic’s Silent Running (Store) which is also available for full stream – HERE.

Take care of each other


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