UNI: Old Queen’s Head – Dinner and a Show?

Sometimes, in uni..
Part one of my Description Pieces project is about the Old Queen’s Head in Islington.

Dinner and a Show?


As tables of elegant Londoners tuck into their plates of various international roots, an enchanting group of folk-poppers step to the microphones on stage.
Semi-acoustic strings resonate around the faux-Victorian space as tales of whiskey-jaded nights and lost-loves bring red wine and chicken strips to punters’ salivating lips. Others stand politely, mouths shut as they contemplate whether to chant to the songs or chomp on their food.

The old Queen Vic, head cast mounted on the wall looks on unimpressed. She never found the simple joys in a digital camera but instead was the lucky first monarch to be photographed on any format. She could have listened to music on vinyl though (some are on sale tonight). Victoria however, wouldn’t have had a free mp3 code, nor a plate of nachos to enjoy.
Back on stage, the bassist looks hungry.



Take care of each other


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