Today: Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose cover Lana Del Rey

Knowing me Jack Steadman, knowing you Lucy Rose, AHA!

You know Llama del Rey right? The singer that’s managed to make a hell of a lot of a fuss about one song called ‘Video Games‘? Oh it’s so postmoderinfeminist isn’tshelovely isn’tshewonderful. I appear to be one of the only people who’s not on board yet. Of course if this bandwagon produces an EP or album worthy of notice, I’ll pay attention, but right now, she’s got a nice enough voice and one fairly average song.

In the mean time however, an up and coming female star (why do we specify gender again?) who’s really worthy of the notice people are taking of her is Lucy Rose. (written about here) Her contributions to the latest Bombay Bicycle Club album are more than noteable and her solo stuff’s pretty gorgeous too. Combining with the band once more, they recorded a cover of Llama Del Rey’s famous track. I know it’s been online a few weeks and is thus ancient, but I still think it belongs here.

Take a listen…

Take care of each other


One thought on “Today: Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose cover Lana Del Rey

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