Live: Coldplay at Glastonbury 2011 (Full Video)

So the new album’s out and it’s going to go number one everywhere in the world regardless of it’s fairly bland nature. Personally, I don’t think Coldplay have done anything exciting with this new album, and even if the artwork ideas seemed to give off a good vibe, listening through the album isn’t a whole load of epic tracks.
Luckily however, in their five albums, Chris Martin and his band of merry men have managed to rack up about twenty decent tracks. From Parachutes through to Mylo Xyloto, there’s enough to enjoy in a Coldplay live set as in many other bands.  They’re not bad live at all, and with a crowd like the one they had at Glastonbury this summer behind them, anything’s possible.
So here it is, Coldplay at Glastonbury 2011, in full.

Coldplay Setlist Glastonbury Festival 2011 2011, 2011 Festival Tour

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