Today in Fireworks: A few remixes

Remixes may have become the 21st century answer to b-sides now we’re in a generation brought up on iTunes and clubbing, but that doesn’t mean all sense of originality is lost. As someone who generally listens to albums rather than a group of random tracks, I’ve never been a huge fan of remixes, but of late, I’ve been seeing a whole load of new ones I’m falling for.
Here’s a little selection

First up is a track I can’t believe I’ve not posted before. Considering how much I adore both Grouplove and Foster the People, not posting this feels like a crime. The two bands remixed each other’s songs not so long ago and considering how many times we’ve all heard Pumped up Kicks, I thought I’d post the Foster the People remix of Grouplove’s Colours. Enjoy

Secondly, SBTRKT remix of Radiohead’s Lotus Flower. Sadly there’s no dancing Thom Yorke, but you can’t help but feel that these days, he’ll dance to anything as long as his band can whack it on 12″ and sell it. It’s a shame that the only way for Radiohead to push their new, mediocre album upon us is through countless repackages of remixes, but as long as this quality comes through once in a while, I think I’ll deal with it.

Lastly, Young the Giant, one of my favourite new bands and another from this year’s wave of Californians that are making me happy, have had their track My Body, remixed by Two Door Cinema Club. Hopefully this means they’re friends and YtG will return to the UK in support of TDCC’s next tour, but who knows? Right now, here’s this brilliant mix.

The two that aren’t Radiohead are available for free download if you click them too! Don’t say I’m not good to you

Take care of each other


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