I Am Troy Davis

“It is better to risk sparing a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.”

I am Troy Davis

All the sarcasm, cynicism and snide comments I usually make are rendered pointless right now as yet another huge injustice passes through what’s meant to be the “developed western world” and Georgia takes the American justice system back to nothing more than Neanderthal.
Regardless of Troy Davis’ innocence, which I do personally believe in, the idea that killing someone is the morally right thing to do to someone who has killed is still beyond me. Perhaps in extreme cases it’s something to be looked into, but tonight just felt like a witch hunt that didn’t take into account any of public opinion. Amnesty International have reported around 1million signatures in protest of the execution and the public protest across the world is clear to see.

I really hope that out of this will come repercussions and a deep look into the justice system to bring about change so that this won’t happen again, but for now, R.I.P. Troy Davis.

Take care of each other


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