What’s Happening Here?

Slow Club at Live at Leeds. Their new album, Paridise is one I'm finishing reviewing today.

This post isn’t an excuse, it’s an explanation. It’s quiet on here if I’m honest, but life in general certainly isn’t. I’ve been up and about every night either enjoying freshers (I’m now in second year) or going to gigs, or a combination of the two. As such, I’ve got lots of words in the process of being finalized as well as a large photo-set from the wonderful Bingley Music Live Festival coming up in the near future.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, for the last few months I’ve been writing for the lovely people at ThereGoesTheFear.com, who are continuously nice to me, and I’m also one of the increasing amount of contributors for AllWhatsRock.com. In the works I have my first piece for SoundInFlux as well as some film writing for the405 as well as hopefully some contracted work for the brilliant Decode Film.

I’m hugely optimistic about the next few months, as I should be looking at my calender. I’m seeing a lot of my favourite artists in the near future as well as listening to some great (hopefully) new albums.

So, I’d better get to it. Have a video I took back at the Great Escape of Young The Giant.

Take care of each other


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