The Mercury Prize: It’s On, Sort Of

There’s a few things that have been getting to me about the Mercury Prize, the ceremony for which is happening right now.

Firstly, why isn’t it shown on TV until after the event, when we know what’s happened. This isn’t Match of the Day guys, it’s a live and supposedly important event. If it was Match of the Day, a little highlights show lasting just over an hour would be shown at about midnight, but we’re forced to wait longer than that to see the nominees perform. (Talking of football, England vs Wales is on now, incase you didn’t know.)

Another issue I’m finding with the Mercury Prize is the way in which it’s judged. It’s well known that the judges like to give the prize (and money) to a smaller artist, which is fine by me, many great small artists get overlooked in large media groups. Why is it then, that artists such as Adele, Tinie Tempah and to an extent Elbow and PJ Harvey are all nominated this year?
Disregarding my opinions of each artist for a minute, Elbow and Tempah have played big shows in the last few months including shows at the o2, London and well places Glastonbury slots. Adele has had an album at number one for what seemed like half of my life and her inescapably irritating heartbreak nuances (did I say I’d avoid opinion? Oops) have been played across countless radio shows for even longer. PJ Harvey is an icon, and has already won a Mercury in the past (as have Guy Garvey‘s men) so why do the Mercury judges even bother nominating these artists when they could give the blue stamp of approval to four extra underrated artists?

As shown by the writers (including myself) of, we can all think of who we think should win and even more artists who we believe should have been nominated, none of which could do a date at the o2 Arena, so why do the Mercury judges nominate artists that by their own standards, supposedly can’t win (if one of those four artists win now, I’m going to have to take this back aren’t I?)
The article on theregoesthefear is located HERE!

Finally, my vote. On theregoesthefear, I’ve voted for Ghostpoet, but that was only because others had already voted for my personal favourite which is Man Alive by Everything Everything. It’s just too original to not win as far as I’m concerned.
A stream of it, as well as streams of Ghostpoet, Elbow, James Blake and Metronomy‘s albums are all situated on my original Mercury Awards post which is HERE.


Whoever wins (unless it’s Tinie Tempah or Adele) will almost certainly deserve their win, regardless as there are a lot of solidly good records in the nominations and I wish them all the best.

Also, just as a side note, take a look at the PopJustice #twentyquid prize for best (or maybe worst) pop song of the last year. My vote goes to Mark Ronson ft. Boy George. HERE

Take care of each other


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