Terry Wogan, P Diddy and Bjork. Plus some words

Ho de ho September.

It’s now September, the most challenging of all months for most people. New starts and beginnings as well as an attempt to carry on from where we all left off. Good luck with that everyone. After Leeds Festival for me, everything starts to wind down and then speed back up again in some sort of sick fairground ride of a life, but this year, I’m going to Bingley Music Live as my very first full festival pass (wooop, cheers tgtf) and then heading down the m1 about 240 miles to go back to the joyous county of Surrey. For anyone that’s not been there, imagine the late 1980s full of 21st century people. It’s a barrel of laughs, really.

Anyway, I’m making this post to share an incredible .gif with you all. Can’t say I’m not good to you.
Have you ever wondered what a conversation between Diddy (you know, P Diddy) and Bjork would go like if he just called her up out of the blue? What’s that? No? Well, someone’s solved your non dilema for you! How kind of them.

Also, click through here to this blog’s tumblr. It has more frequent content of a more tumblr based variety.


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