Leeds and Reading: Last minute thoughts

After all these months of being slated, Leeds and Reading are back with a new lineup for a new year. 2011’s bill has suffered some huge criticism, often directed in the form of (easy targets) My Chemical Romance. It was always going to be an uphill struggle for the festival after that first announcement day, and for me, only the Festival Republic stage stands out as something to really be admired. Prices have yet again been hiked and for seemingly nothing so you have to assume that there’ll be just as much discussion post-festival as up to it.

There’s no point in slating a festival you’re paying to go to anyway though, it’s counter-productive and if you’re deciding against going to it based on price and bill letting you down then there’s a pleathora of other festivals that you could have visited over the summer so it’s hardly worth the effort. In the mean time, I’ve decided to do a miniature preview of what I’m going to be enjoying most over on the fourth stage.

You don’t need me to keep ranting and raving about how good Foster the People (R: Fri, L: Sat) and their debut album are. You’ve all heard Pumped Up Kicks to the point of knowing it from the first few notes and you know if you love them or not. Similarly, regulars to this blog will know how brilliant GroupLove are. With their debut album out in the UK just a week after the festival shuts, this is a perfect opportunity to catch them before it’s out (R: Sat, L: Sun).

On openining night at Leeds however features, amongst others, the brilliant Dog Is Dead. Having come through the bbc introducing ranks and played some brilliant shows over the last 18 months, the band are ready to bring their feelgood sound to Thursday night for Leeds-goers. Brilliant!

An incredible live band that are hitting Reading on Friday and Leeds on Saturday are The Computers. These guys really have to be seen to be believed and enjoyed best. It’s loud, it’s manic, it’s going to be better than the horrible clashes it gives you on the bill! (Cheers Josie)

And finally, a band that have been silently and loudly climbing up lineups and playing to bigger crowds over the last year or so, and rightly so due to their debut album. Little Comets come at a nice gap in my lineup, making them a complete no brainer. Go on and shout the words “ONE NIGHT IN OCTOBER” in the middle of August on Friday at Leeds and Sunday at Reading.

Whether or not you’re going to Reading or Leeds, these bands are fantastic and I highly recommend giving them a try whenever you can. They’ve all got dates booked over the next few months too so you really don’t have an excuse.

For everyone going to the festivals, I hope you have a fantastic time, I know I will be doing so at Leeds where I’m part of the CAT Stewarding team throughout the weekend. Remember, that first beer/cider (after the queue) tastes better once your tent is up!

Take care of each other (and please don’t start a fire on Sunday, because if you do, you’re a cock)
See you on the other side


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