Results Day (A post loosely about music)

Today is A Level results day, and regardless of the futures that the thousands of young people are going to be left with come the moment they open their envelopes, I personally think, that in society as it is today, it doesn’t matter.
If you catch the last cheap boat to university (cheers David and Nick), there’s a whole load of paths you have over the three or four years and even more come graduation, should you get there. If your day goes the other way, you’re left with just as many, even if one such path leaves you with a lot more costs than before (thanks again David and Nick).

I think the basic jist of this post is something much better said in reggae than a middle class white boy will ever be able to tell you.

Oh, and we all know that there’s a lot of drinking involved tonight, so at least pre-drink with something good yeah? Even if you’re not having results today, give it a listen?
Click here for a small playlist for the evening.

So there you have it. I wish everyone who’s having results day today the very best of luck, but don’t sweat it. Remember, today is curry club at Wetherspoons across the country, enjoy with a drink or twelve.  Have a great time.

Take care of each other


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