’11 In Fireworks (So Far)

Finally, the playlist is finished. So far in 2011, we’ve seen some absolutely cracking tracks from some of the world’s biggest acts as well as breakthroughs and progressions for some of my favourites.
As such, instead of making yet another feature on new bands or making some post about how great the new Slow Club track is (it really is great though) I’ve decided to compile it into a playlist. Huzzah!

So, for your listening pleasure on either Spotify or Grooveshark, here is the 2011 In Fireworks (So Far) Playlist!
SPOTIFY LINK                                  –            GROOVESHARK LINK

There are some differences as Spotify made some tracks exclusive and Grooveshark didn’t have some of the smaller artists, but hey, you get a little diversity I guess.

Enjoy and share 🙂
Take care of each other


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