Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Raindance Maggie

This week has just been full of  big American bands coming out of the woodwork and putting out new material. Red Hot Chili Peppers, like Blink, are no stranger to the millenium and its eleven years. With Stadium Arcadium as one of the biggest albums of its kind, Kiedis and co have been sitting happy for the last few years. With the departure of John Frusciante, the enigmatic guitarist of the band confirmed last year as well as the announcement that new material was prepared, excitement and preperation for disappointment built in equal measure.
Delays have come plenty of times in recent times, but the West Coast funk-rockers have finally unleashed the chilled out track, The Adventures of Raindance Maggie.
As was the case with the Blink release yesterday, this track just sounds like a continuation from past material given the individuals in the group. Anthony Kiedis, Flea and dummer Chad Smith are joined by Josh Kilnghoffer (a founding member of Warpaint) to create I’m With You which is set to be released on August 30th.
Courtesy of KROQ, here’s the stream of the track.



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