Up All Blink(182)ing Night

After last summer’s reunion shows which was just a Greatest Hits show from a band still trying to find their feet again, Blink 182 have been busy in the studio recording a brand new album. The delays in its completion have led to much frustration amongst band and fans as this summer’s UK tour has been cancelled in favour of a co-headline tour with MCR across the US to premiere a few new ones and presumably continue the glory parade but we all knew that eventually, new music would sprout.

So tonight, as is so often the case for US bands releasing tracks worldwide, UK fans have been left waiting Up All Night to hear the pop-punk heroes latest effort. Up All Night was premiered on KROQ earlier this evening and will no doubt be circulating as a download within minutes, but for now, here’s a YouTube video

Surprised? It’s good! I didn’t have much hope for it given the time spent apart by the guys, especially with AvA and +44‘s seperations but they’ve come together again and made something that neatly follows on from where they left off. It’s nothing reminiscant of their first few albums, but it’s tidy, and I like it for that.

What’re your thoughts?

Take care of each other


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