Stream: Noah and the Whale at R1BW ’11

Noah and the Whale have slowly but surely cemented themselves in the British music scene over the last few years. After the now instantly recognisable 5 Years Time all the way back in 2007 (with a re-release making a top 10 single in 2008) shot them to radio play, they’ve steadily built themselves a devoted fanbase. Where mainstream media never really picked up on The First Days of Spring, they’re listeners took it into their hearts as Charlie Fink’s heart mended in an orchestral-indie fused record. Now repaired, NATW set out with their new album, Last Night on Earth with a more radio friendly and more comfortable perspective on their sound. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. charted in the top 20 and LNoE made the top 10 and has already gone Gold in the UK.

With this supposed return to form, it was near inevitable that the Londoners would be booked to play Radio One’s Big Weekend in Carslile. The festival’s bill is the most strange thing to look at as far as artist positioning goes, yet with the biggest stars on the planet from Foo Fighters and the Strokes to Lady Gaga and the *shudders* Black Eyed Peas and even featuring a secret show opening show from Arctic Monkeys, it’s hard to deny that it’s a big deal. Third from the top of the second stage, nested messily between Magnetic Man and Devlin (Strokes headlined the stage), Noah and the Whale brought the most relaxed indie rock and roll show to the tent. Playing across their three albums, the band were all smiles.
BBC will take this down some time soon, so watch it now whilst you have the chance. Also, iPlayer doesn’t like embedding, sorry.

Watch here

Take care of each other


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