New Music Everywhere! End of May Edition

Blog posts are meant to have structure so I sincerely apologise for this post in advance.

Since coming back from The Great Escape, there seems to be fantastic new music everywhere. I know a lot of you have downloaded the leaks of Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys and Death Cab for Cutie which are three of the biggest releases in the next few weeks, but away from these, there’s some fantastic new material popping up.

Young Empires, a Toronto based “Tropical Electronic” indie-esque group have a sort of Canadian Friendly Fires style to them. They bring a fun live show and a selection of tracks built for removing festival-hangovers. Their demo-EP is available for free download in exchange for your e-mail adress over on their MySpace and they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on as they’ll be back in the UK soon
Check out their track Up Against the Wall on Vimeo.
(EP review and interview coming some time soon)

I doubt you need me to tell you about this next band, but I’m going to anyway. Foster the People have been whirring up a buzz about them since Pumped Up Kicks went online a few months back. Their album was released in the US this week and is due for UK release on the 27th June. The self-titled effort is set to be one of the success stories of the summer as the band, who’s underdog themed lyrics and sunshine waxed sound looks to push them to big crowds over the festival season.
Album review and interview coming soon.
Catch them at Glastonbury, Latitude, Lovebox (and probably RnL’s FR stage.)

Young Legionnaire have been a band slowly on the up for a while now. Their fans have been waiting for over two years for their debut album which finally launched at the beginning of this month (May 9th) named Crisis Works, and now it’s here, the buzz should start building around them again. They’re one of both Wichita recordings and rock music’s best kept secrets and support slots for everyone from Pulled Apart By Horses and Death From Above 1979 have helped them gain a dedicated fanbase. Formed of Bloc Party member Gordon Mokes and Paul Mullen from The Automatic, this band is NOTHING like those two bands. Here’s Black Lions. See them on tour with Dananananaykrod this month or on their own tour in September. It’ll be loud!

AnR are, for lack of better words, a different take on Passion Pit and MGMT, but done in a really good way. The Miami based duo made and released their debut album, Stay Kids, back in March and sadly have just come off a run of UK shows, but the good news is that their album is now up for stream at their website! Go to to listen to it all for yourself.

That should do for now.
Take care of each other


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