RIP Gil Scott-Heron.

Gil Scott Heron1949-2011 : Image by Peter Reid

The news that Gil Scott-Heron has died at the age of 62 reached me as I went to sleep last night and greeted the world as it woke today (27/28th May).
A master wordsmith, poet and inspiration to the whole musical world, it’s sadenning to hear that such a man has been lost at such a point in his career. With his first studio record in 16 years released last year with the now poignant name I’m New Here (XL) and the following triumph of We’re New Here, with Jamie XX, his abscence will be felt across a whole age span and variety of genre’s from hip-hop and RnB’s giants (Eminem and Usher have already paid their respects) all the way to the indie dance floors of New York. (LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge).
and no doubt clubs and bars will be playing NY is Killing Mein an ironically-respectful (oxymoron?) way tonight.

Rest in Peace Gil Scott-Heron

I did not become someone different
That I did not want to be
But I’m new here
Will you show me around
No matter how far wrong you’ve gone
You can always turn around
Met a woman in a bar
Told her I was hard to get to know
And near impossible to forget
She said I had an ego on me
The size of Texas
Well I’m new here and I forget
Does that mean big or small
No matter how far wrong you’ve gone
You can always turnaround
And I’m shedding plates like a snake
And it may be crazy but I’m
The closest thing I have
To a voice of reason
Turnaround turnaround turnaround
And you may come full circle
And be new here again

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