The Great Escape, Brighton in my 150 words

(Talking to Rob earlier got me thinking. He’s doing this for EpsomWrites, I’m just doing it for fun, hence the extra 50 words)

For me The Great Escape was, like life, about a few key moments.

Stagecoach on Friday night at Pav Tav.

Number One: The Xcerts playing Aberdeen 1987, chandelier destroyed, security pissed, my friends and I drunk and screaming along in sweaty happiness. All after Stagecoach‘s brillaint set ended in a stage invasion.

Number two: Being on the beach. The first time with Fish and Chips on Friday afternoon, chilling out with everyone and generally being happy. The second was on Saturday/Sunday 5am, reflecting on everything. 
The sea is a good place to think about the future.

Number three: Friendly Fires and Young the Giant. Two big gigs I went to on my own that were really fantastic. Meeting new people and just bonding over the band’s music. It doesn’t get any better.

Sorry to Gary and Fraser, but here's a few of us having just arrived on Thursday

Learning a new city in a weekend with great people and great music. Priceless (£47.50)

Lots more coming over the next week 🙂
Take care of eachother
Braden F


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