The Week’s Releases: 18th April 2011

Here’s something rare. You’re about to get a double apology from me! Apology one is obvious, today is the 20th, it is Wednesday. I’m talking about Monday’s releases. Sorry about that, but it’s the same week and the midweeks aren’t out for a few hours yet. Apology two, Guillemots. Their album was out this Monday, not last. My bad.

For the record, the Guillemots album is still worth buying this week, but if you only buy one album a week, you probably want a bit more choice than that? No fear, here’s my pick of the bunch this week.

First up, something that’s hardly a bank breaker. For the sum of just £3, you can get the new Johnny Foreigner EP on mp3. Called the FrisbeEP, it was originally intended as 250 frisbees with an accompanying CD. Sadly, this sold out in less than a day on pre-order due to the dedication of JoFo’s fans. You can still get the four-track-EP through the store over at ALCOPOP Records. It’s not exactly as good as an album, but it’s definitely a return to the form that the You Thought You Saw…EP started.

As far as full albums go, I have two personal favourites. Firstly, London Ska-punks The King Blues are finally back with their new album. After spending 10 months playing Set the World On Fire and We Are F***ing Angry, including a huge show at Leeds and Reading last August, Monday’s release shows that the band have made a mature album, without really growing up. Album opener Last of the Dreamers is below, accompanied by a Matt Flemming shot video from Koko.

Also released this week is the new album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care from Texan Post-Rock group, Explosions in the Sky. If you don’t know EitS, imagine the best hangover cure you’ve ever had. Being woken up by an attractive counter-part who bears breakfast in bed. Bacon sandwhiches and a cup of your caffeinated beverage of choice sound good? Well, Explosions in the Sky are the musical equivalent and this new record is right up their with their best work. It’s fiercly passionate and indispitably beautiful.
Still not sold? Listen to the whole thing below!

Enjoy your week.


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